Perseverance (Galileo had a Brooklyn accent?)

Sometimes in life we are asked to fill bigger shoes than we ever expected. Case in point, this week I was asked to be a stand in for Galileo for my grandson’s science presentation. I’m a “method actor” (ha!) by nature so I wanted to learn all I could about Galileo before I stepped into this epic role. So as would any true actor I researched my subject and came to realize that Galileo is an excellent example of the type of perseverance we’ve been discussing.

Galileo-9305220-1-402Despite the fact that Galileo was laughed at and threatened with torture and/or death, he continued his work and is now considered by many to be the “father of modern science”.

You can learn a little more about Galileo by watching our homemade video. You may surprised to learn Galileo had a very strong Brooklyn accent and that my grandson can time travel – but sometimes it is fun to suspend reality for a few minutes and get a good laugh while thinking a little more about perseverance.

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3 Responses to Perseverance (Galileo had a Brooklyn accent?)

  1. Mark Faust says:

    LOL who’s your writer? Toasted marshmallows and “at least a grandfather” had me going. 😉

  2. Thank you Galileo and Owen for helping me recall some science history! It can be a scary thing to discover stuff that counters current thinking. After watching your video, Owen, I’m not so sure that playing and teaching should be separate words in English. Waiting for the next installment….
    Lee Anne McClymont

  3. says:

    Rattling clear site, regards for this post.

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