Miracle in the Canyon

During our recent travels my wife, Jean, and I visited Bryce Canyon National Park.  We decided to hike part of the canyon and after descending to the canyon floor we found ourselves on a path that led us through a slit in one of the canyon’s walls.  Following the path, we found ourselves in a remarkable stone chamber, the walls of which rose vertically for nearly one hundred feet.  It was as though we were in a sandstone silo.  But there is more.  In fact, if asked to portend what we would discover, a thousand predictions would not have provided the right answer.

Miracle in the Canyon

Miracle in the Canyon

Incredibly growing out of the stone and gravel were several very tall pine trees.  As the photo nearby shows, the height of the trees exceeded that of the chamber’s walls so that their limbs could bask in the sunlight above our shadowy enclosure.

 If not for the hikers that swarmed around us, one would declare the chamber to be harsh, barren, and inhospitable to life in the extreme.  Yet, here stood these magnificent trees that seemingly thrived.  I was transfixed by the wonder of it all.

A learned man once wrote that by definition a miracle must be witnessed.  To his mind miracles don’t occur in a closet while no one is home.  I would not put such a fine point on any wondrous act.  Moreover, my threshold for declaring a miracle is probably lower than most – I thought my graduating high school was a miracle!  But there is no denying that something miraculous occurred in that canyon.

 Perhaps the seeds that touched this lonely spot were a little heartier than their brethren; could it be that they were bathed in a nurturing rain at just the precise moment needed to bring them to life.  I can’t tell you the technicalities of it all.  My conclusion is far simpler.  Life will find a way.  Nature divined that it would be so. 

Have we not all come upon people who will always find a way to personally flourish, even in the harshest of circumstances?  People who have learned to ignore the daily news outfits that outsource a constant stream of human shortcomings, urging us to believe that we exist in a barren, arid society barely capable of supporting life.

 My friends emulate those who accept as an article of faith that hope is present in the most desperate locations; the learned souls that know that the same divine force that brought life to those trees stands ready to provide us with the opportunity to have our most radiant dreams fulfilled.

About Santo Costa

Sandy Costa is an internationally respected speaker and business leader. Check out Sandy’s website at www.SantoCosta.com
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1 Response to Miracle in the Canyon

  1. Dianne Legro says:

    Oh, wow, Sandy! Thank you for seeing the world and helping us see ourselves as part of the miracle!

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