Are You Staring at Your Shoes?

Last Friday I was honored to have the opportunity to speak at the Toastmasters International Convention. An annual gathering, this year it was held in Las Vegas and attended by over 2000 remarkable individuals. I will write more about this wonderful event soon.

When my wife Jean and I left Las Vegas we traveled to Zion Canyon National Park.  While the number of great writers that our species has spawned is impossible to count, I am certain that even the greatest among them would be incapable of describing the beauty and majesty of this venue.  On one of our hikes we were walking a path that passed through one of the less visited spots in the park but certainly one of the most beautiful. The path had a fair amount of slope to it and was covered with lots of stones and pebbles. I watched another person slip and fall the previous day on just such a path.  Intent on not taking a similar tumble I was walking head down focused on the ground below.  Finally I looked up, realized what I was missing, and hopefully learned a lesson that applies to more than a walk in a natural paradise.

Here I was surrounded by some of the most exquisite scenery on the planet and I am staring at my shoes!  Don’t we often lead our lives the same way?  Days when we are so concerned about stumbling that we can’t see the awe and wonder that suurounds us daily?  It’s almost always there, we need only take the time to look up!

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2 Responses to Are You Staring at Your Shoes?

  1. undebateable says:

    In North America, most of us live in a very busy environment. Get more work done, do more things, go go go. A lot of us keep our heads down just to get through the day – or to avoid making eye contact with someone just in case we are asked to do even more.

    I certainly agree with your point about looking at one’s surroundings and enjoying the view. I try to take time each day to do that – but sometimes I get trapped in survival mode … What’s next? What’s urgent? What are people needing from me? Much as I would like to adjust my environment, the one that I have currently chosen to pay the bills makes it difficult. Until I can change that, I’ll make sure I take time to ocassionally stop and enjoy the view.

    Thanks for the post, Sandy. Good points.

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