Treat Each Sunrise as an Easter Morning

Easter is my favorite holiday. There are beings far smarter than I who can explain the profound meaning of the passion and resurrection of Christ. To me it symbolizes rebirth.  The Easter message becomes all the more profound, as nature is seemingly commanded to confirm it’s rebirth as trees are newly clothed, and the Dogwoods and flowers bloom.
   Upon reflection, I believe that the Lord’s rebirth also informs us as to the one and only  once in a lifetime opportunity. It certainly is not related to the “once in a lifetime opportunities”  offered up by screaming TV peddlers. Nope, the only once in a lifetime opportunity is this day. It will never come again-there are no “do-over’s”. The opportunity that this day portends is granted for one spin of this planet, then vanishing for all eternity. As such, have you considered its value? Here is my analysis.
    Unlike many of you reading this note, I know to a certainty that I have lived many more days than will be deeded me in the time to come. The bodily existence before me is a mere fraction of the worldly time I have spent on this sphere. Does that make my remaining days more valuable than those past? Of course not. Storm Jameson made this point so eloquently when he wrote;
                                “…the past is gone beyond prayer, and every minute you spend in the vain effort to anticipate the future is a moment lost. There is only one world, the world pressing against you at this minute… The only way to live is by accepting each minute as an unrepeatable miracle. Which is exactly what it is- a miracle and unrepeatable.”
    So it is with each day- an unrepeatable miracle.
    Treat each sunrise as an Easter morning and it will ennoble your life. And as you experience the rebirth provided on this Easter morning may your soul be infused with great joy. How could it be otherwise, as all we do is blessed by the Lord’s boundless love.

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