Change – The Rebirth of Opportunities

 Have you ever witnessed a sunset in Key West, Florida? As the moment approaches folks congregate on the beach near the downtown restaurants. As the glorious fireball disappears, its flames seemingly extinguished by the sea, the fortunate witnesses break into applause. A fitting tribute to an experience which is in all ways perfect! I have been to several sunrise services- no applause, the blanketing of the sky with a new day takes some time to unfold, yet also perfect. Think about it, have you ever seen a sub-par sunrise or sunset ? 

Of course, we participate more directly in what occurs between the sun’s majestic markers. Our actions conclude with varying degrees of success. There are times when our most exquisitely devised plans feel like they are deposited in the day’s lost and found. On any such day, we need to be reminded that while we live in a world of unceasing flux, change represents a constant rebirth of opportunities. So welcome these opportunities however they arrive in your life, react as best you can and carefully observe what occurs next. 
Finally, know that at any given moment we are only called upon to do the best we can.  Our unique gifts make this a lofty standard. But remember life does not have the flawless certainty of the Sun’s path and perfect is reserved for celestial celebrations.

About Santo Costa

Sandy Costa is an internationally respected speaker and business leader. Check out Sandy’s website at
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