Embrace Life’s Mysteries

Several years ago I wrote, “Life is to a great extent is an untried experiment, because every moment is brimming with possibilities and choices” (Humanity at Work:  Encouraging Spirit, Achievement and Truth to Flourish in the Workplace. Chapel Hill Press). Not every circumstance that visits our lives will morph into the need to make a choice. Each day is however riddled with choices and most everything we choose to do is a theory of sorts- an untried experiment. Take this as good news! 

 Choices are adventures to be played out. What is an adventure but a story to which we don’t know the ending? Such stories are also known as mysteries!  Adventures lack “the who done it” but are mysteries none the less. Think about it, when is a story a page turner? What type of story glues us to our viewing chair? Stories to which we don’t know the ending! Yet for many of us that is exactly what provokes fear as we live out our life story. We are concerned as to what the next chapter portends. Go figure.

 Before this day ends you will  likely meet up with another mystery embedded in your existence. You can embrace such challenges by constantly recalling that your life, when distilled to its essence, is a divine and miraculous gift. Thereafter your days will not then be filled with fear, but with a sense of awe and wonder as to the adventure that awaits you.

About Santo Costa

Sandy Costa is an internationally respected speaker and business leader. Check out Sandy’s website at www.SantoCosta.com
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