How Many Ticks Are Left On The Game Clock?

I am not one for specific New Year resolutions. It seems we come up with all means of rules and admonitions. Not much fun, is it? I would rather we direct our intentions to the gifts and blessings that are ours from our first earthly breath. How is this for a resolution? I will take full advantage of the only once in a lifetime opportunity. What is that? Well its not a guy on the TV selling a rug cleaner that will form a mushroom cloud in your living room. Or some other fellow who will sell you a car no money down with your first payment in three years. Nope, the only once in a lifetime opportunity is this day! It will never come again- no do overs allowed.

Most important, we are each allocated a divinely designated number of these priceless opportunities. I am fascinated by how we dialogue with our mortality. I think we view life as a cosmic deck of cards. Each day one card slips off the top of the deck. The problem is we don’t see the deck getting any smaller. But that is OK, for no matter the number remaining they retain their worth- every day of our lives is a miracle, a gift precious beyond all measure. I write of this phenomena in my book, Humanity at Work: Encouraging Spirit, Achievement and Truth to Flourish in the Workplace.

“What could be sadder than to be fixated on the quantitative feature of our lives only to lessen our focus on its wonder? Furthermore, that we can’t divine how many ticks are left on the game clock is simply one more of life’s mysteries… take it as good news and proof positive that John the Evangelist was right—the truth will set you free! Free to focus on the wonders all around and consider and learn what you can from and about life’s mysteries.”

When you wake up tomorrow make a resolution to carry this thought through your day;  “When I awoke this morning I embarked on life’s only once in a lifetime opportunity.”

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3 Responses to How Many Ticks Are Left On The Game Clock?

  1. Sandy,
    How true that is. But how sad that we tend to waste so many of these “ticks”.
    My wife recently started keeping a journal, nay “log”, asking me each night, 2 questions.
    1. What 5 things did we achieve today?
    2. What 5 things can we be thankful for today?
    Good grief that is eye-opening, yet sometimes sweetly painful.
    It often highlights:
    Those simplest of things that really matter.
    And the quiet satisfaction we derive from the least obvious, but hugely significant, things others do for us.
    Thanks for a truly interesting perspective.

  2. Thanks a lot for the entry, I really learned something from it. Incredibly quality content on this website. Always looking forward to new article.

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