Manifest a Positive New Year’s Resolution

As the year comes to a close, some of us will be making New Year resolutions. If you intend to do so consider this observation. We seem to be programmed to make resolutions that are inherently negative – all manner of things we vow to do no more. What we need to be doing is to resolve to craft ourselves in positive ways.  As you look towards the New Year and to what you aspire, remember that it is important to see yourself as a leader. Being a leader includes being skilled at self-leadership, as the traits, attributes and values necessary to lead others will make you personally successful.
      There is another reason why it is important to see yourself as a leader.  We all manifest our own reality. If you don’t see yourself as a leader there is only one position left to fill-that of a follower!  Of course to some being a follower sounds like a great job, no instructions required no experience necessary. As you manifest your personal reality for the coming year remember this. If you see yourself as intelligent, attractive, personable and diligent, will you be successful? Not always, but most of the time!  Now if you see yourself as someone who is not too bright, unattractive, not particularly likeable, will you also fail most of the time?  Nope.  Folks imbued with negative perceptions are right 100% of the time. Think about that as you consider resolutions for what comes before you. And may your next year be successful in all ways dreamed of!

About Santo Costa

Sandy Costa is an internationally respected speaker and business leader. Check out Sandy’s website at
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