There is a Dignity to Work

          In the coming months, I will detail a number of the reasons we find work such an enriching endeavor- why it is such an important aspect of our lives. Not to sound Pollyannaish, the fact is few of us work for the money. Sure it is important- someone smarter than me observed that we don’t really have an interest in money until we have some!
         What motivates us to work?  First and foremost there is a dignity to work.  Look at the wonderful pictures that photo-journalists took of the Appalachia region in the 1930’s and 1940’s.  Many of these striking black and white pictures show folks at work. Even with the burdens they bore their faces reflect the stoic dignity with which they toiled. In my book, Humanity at Work: Encouraging Spirit, Achievement & Truth to Flourish in the Workplace (Chapel Hill Press 2008) , I observe, ” …we find ourselves working more for the intrinsic benefits that derive from day-to-day activities attuned to our higher aspirations.”  Put another way, we aspire to experience the unique sense of  gratification and dignity that derives from a meaningful work experience.

About Santo Costa

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