Heart and Intellect

 In my experience, if you really want to connect with someone, tell a story. Some of us lay out facts, figures or personalized logic to make a point. People don’t identify with that sort of “antiseptic” message. Regardless of the nature of your story there is always some aspect of your tale that will resonate with the listener.  I make this point in my book Humanity at Work: Encouraging Spirit, Achievement & Truth to Flourish in the Workplace  (Chapel Hill Press 2008) ,
                        ” Howard Gardner, author of Leading Minds: An Anatomy of Leadership (1995), writes that leaders exercise their influence in two ways—through the stories or messages they communicate and through the traits they embody.  As to the stories, Gardner observes, “Whether directly or indirectly leaders fashion stories principally of identity.”  Their stories define who they are, whether they tell what they have done, observed, or felt, because in each case choice is involved, and our choices show others who we are.  Readers can imitate a leader’s positive choices and have similarly positive results. 
                             I also believe that a leader can more powerfully connect to others within their galaxy of responsibility when a story allows another to personally relate to what they read.  They should be able to produce in their mind’s eye as they read a tracing of the story that can be placed over their own life experience.  In that way the story is self-validating as a life lesson.  Like Howard Gardner, I believe in the power of the story to teach and to point the way as much as the teller can, as you will see. ”
It is a fact that we all learn as much with our hearts as with our intellect.


About Santo Costa

Sandy Costa is an internationally respected speaker and business leader. Check out Sandy’s website at www.SantoCosta.com
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